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Surf at the best surf spots in Portugal

Ericeira is the surf mecca of Portugal and one of the most famous surfing spots in the world. TIKA Surf Camp Ericeira is located in the middle of the World Surfing Reserve, officially designated in 2011, and is surrounded by numerous well-known surf spots such as Ribeira d`Ilhas and Coxos. The World Surfing Reserve Ericeira offers the right surf spot for every surfing level. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer, there is always a beach or reef break to suit your ability.

Whether you want to learn to surf or improve your surfing skills - we offer surfcourses for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers. Our goal is to make you feel home in the ocean and catch as many waves as possible!

we help you to improve your surfing

Surf analysis based on your surf pictures & videos

At TIKASurf Camp Ericeira we do an outstanding weekly surf theory based on your individual surf pictures from the surf lessons. We want to bring your surfing to the next level and help you to improve your surf skills. We take individual photos and videos from your surf session and break them down during our surf analysis. We want to help you to improve your surf as much as possible and give you individual advices based on your personal photos & videos. We will give you tips on how to improve your pop up, surf manoeuvres and show you important skills such as turtle roll and paddling technique. At TIKASurfcamp Ericeira you will get detailed knowledge about surfing and waves.

Especially for intermediate surfers we offer a surf analysis including detailed surf knowledge about reading waves and surf spots. You´ll get tips on how to catch more waves and improve your technique and surf fitness to bring your surfing to the next level. Last but not least, you will gain insight into wave forecast reading and different ocean conditions.

Our Surf analysis is for beginners & intermediate surfers and is included in all our surf packages.
Learn how to surf skate

Automate your surf movements

To perfect your surfing moves, we offer surf skate training in addition to our surf theory. Surf skating is often referred to as surfing on the street. The movements are very similar to surfing and are therefore perfect for training at home where there are no waves. A surf skate has special soft front axles, which allows you to generate speed without having to push with your foot, as with a classic skateboard. In our surf skate lessons we focus on surf movements and you will learn how to generate speed without pushing, we train turns, alignment of your body and how to drop in. Surf skating helps to automate your surfing movements and so you can call it up faster on the surfboard. And the best, it doesn't matter if you ever rode a skateboard or not, everybody can join the lesson.